Newly Developed Product

Since its establishment, we, Dai-ichi Seiko Co., Ltd., has been striving to develop new products carrying on our unique production technologies based on manufacturing technology of precision molds as our core competence.
As the result, we have been succeeding in developing and introducing epoch-making products in the various fields such as electronics, telecommunication, automobiles, semiconductors and so on.
Now, we hereby introduce quite new and innovative products we developed taking advantage of our long experiences.  Its great success is expected in the new field.

Electrostatic Capacitance Torque Sensor "ESTORQ®"


estorq estorq_logo

Major Features

  • Simple construction, light weight & low cost due to adoption of electrostatic capacitance system
  • Due to built-in micro computer, outer module for corrective process is not required

Example of Adoption

YASKAWA 6-axis robot, MOTOMAN-HC10DT/MOTOMAN-HC20DT (ESTORQ is equipped in every joint)



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