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Single Pot Molding System / S・Pot


This is Desktop type Single Pot Molding System which is suitable for test molding to do it in short term and low price.


  • * Cost performance :
    Very food cost performance for R&D and test molding.
  • * Sophisticated design and easy use:
    Appearance which even fits in with office and laboratory. User-friendliness is pursued.
  • * Desktop size :
    Miniaturization & light weight are pursued as it can be used on the table.
  • * Plug & Play:
    It can be used by connecting to electrical power only.
  • * Option :
    VAM (Vacuum Assisted Molding) & FAM (Film Assisted Molding) are available as option.


Clamp Force 8 ton
Clamp Method AC-Servo Motor Drive
Machien size&weight W : 330mm, L : 1100mm, H :725mm / 300 Kg
Max. Leadframe size W : 15 - 75mm