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Semi-Auto Molding Molding System / sa120


This is Semi Auto Molding System which material (L/F & compound) supply on to the mold is done by auto.
Pick-up and mold cleaning is done manually.


  • * System structure is SIMPLE. Easy operation & maintenance.
  • * Minimized foot print
  • * Chases for Daiichi's DP, SP, Elf, Dual, Lab system and other companies' chase are installable.
  • * Low price
  • * Best for early launch of transparent package's production.
  • * System can be operated with less spare parts and training.Easier production management can be materialized even in the area where manpower is being flux.
  • * Wide variety of options :
    PPG (Pin Point Gate Molding), HFC (Hydraulic Floating Cavity Bar), VAM (Vacuum Assisted Molding), & Mold auto cleaning.


Clamp Force 120 ton
Clamp Method AC-Servo Motor Drive
Machien size&weight W : 1200mm, L : 1300mm, H :1980mm / 3.3 ton
Max. Leadframe size 75mm x 270mm