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Automated De-Tapeing Machine / DS-PRO


Auto De-taping System for MAP QFN.
This helps to solve the troubles caused by peeling off the tape manually after the molding of MAP QFN.


  • * Detaping speed is 11 sec/strip. Quick tape peeling off process.
  • * Conversion time for the kind change is finished within 10 min.
  • * By the control of de-taping speed & temperature, tape is peeled off completely without remaining of tape glue and tearing of tape.
  • * We will introduce the customer's requests as much as possible to correspond various types of tape & L/F.


Machine time 11 sec. (Approx.)
Machien size&weight W : 840mm, L : 1380mm, H : 1820mm / 0.9 ton
Max. Leadframe size 75mm x 270mm