Meet Our People

staff-01 Lilian Chung Li Ken
General Manager
staff-02 Lee Ngeok Mei
HR&Admin. Manager
staff-04 Hairul Yazri Bin Yahya
Assistant Manager
staff-05 Azmi Bin Mahmud
Section Manager
staff-07 Mohd Fadzli Bin Mohd Sidik
Senior QA Engineer
staff-08 Leong Wei Hong
Senior Engineer
staff-10 Silawati Binti Marji
Production Operator

Lilian Chung Li Ken

General Manager


Lilian joined our company 20 years ago as Production Control Assistant, and she is now General Manager of the company. With her excellent leadership, and in order to provide an even better work environment, she energizes large numbers of employees so that they can succeed and develop together with the company, and this supports the growth of the company.

Lilian: When I took the interview and joined the company, I didn't know a lot about Dai-ichi Seiko or MDI. It was still a small company back then when I joined, but it was ideal for me in terms of getting to know about the employees and the work. And because it was small-scale, there were many opportunities to work in a wide range of departments, which became a very significant experience in helping me grow. I love my co-workers and my work at MDI.

Lee Ngeok Mei

HR&Admin. Manager


After graduating from Rissho University (Tokyo, Japan), Lee worked from 2002 for a long period as the person in charge of general affairs and interpreting, and she now has a huge responsibility not only as Manager of the Human Resources and General Affairs Department, but also for working to resolve HR issues.

Lee: I love my co-workers and my work at MDI. The people are like family to me, and it's rewarding working on something that keeps me in touch with various matters at work every day. MDI is a big family where you cooperate, share the joys and sorrows, and value each other.

Tatsuhiro Shinagawa



For Shinagawa, who comes from Japan, the transfer to MDI was a huge turning point. Some people may feel uneasy being with many people from another country. Moreover, local people use a different language. However, Shinagawa sees these as all just parts of the job, and he has handled them. He joined Dai-ichi Seiko group in 2007, and came to MDI in 2013 as Manager.

Shinagawa: While we work hard as a team to meet customer demands, we also work positively to tackle any kinds of difficulty we face.

Hairul Yazri Bin Yahya

Assistant Manager


If you can have fun working with your colleagues, your job itself will be more fun. For Hairul Yazri, MDI is such a place.

After graduating from university, he joined MDI in 2000 as Trainee Engineer in the Molding Department. As a molding manufacturing pioneer, he was later promoted Assistant Manager. With his specialist knowledge and experience, he has been transferred to several departments, and has played an important role in the development of the production system.

Hairul Yazri: MDI gives you a chance to grow, and you can build a career you can take pride in. We always think of each other as family, and we work together well. I can make full use of my skills and knowledge, and also challenge myself with work I haven't experienced yet.

Azmi Bin Mahmud

Section Manager


Azmi, who is one of the founding members of MDI, went through a wide range of training and work until he got the position of Section Manager.

Azmi: I think the appeals of working at MDI are the fine work environment and the organized work structure. Because there is an environment in which it is easy to discuss problems of work with the management, work goes smoothly and there's less stress.

Rasid S Bin M Sahid @ Md Said

Section Manager


He joined MDI in 2004 as Assistant Foreman, and currently he is working as Section Manager. Attracted to MDI's company culture and employees, he values interesting work, strengthening his specialist knowledge, and a flexibility that enables a good balanced with his private life.

Rasid: I am always asked for my opinion, I can say what I think freely. I like the fact that I am a part of something bigger that makes a difference, and am able to respond flexibly when people need me. The employees who work at MDI are satisfied with their jobs, and are always looking forward to coming to work.

Mohd Fadzli Bin Mohd Sidik

Senior QA Engineer


Mohd Fadzli, who joined MDI as a new graduate and started working as Trainee Engineer, brushed up his skills and became Senior Engineer. MDI assists employees' growth by setting up opportunities for training and development.

Mohd Fadzli: The good things about MDI are its organized work, highly professional ethics and its fair, competitive environment. I think that everyone is evaluated fairly and equally, and I am glad that the company has selected this approach. By working in MDI, I have been able to develop, and there are many opportunities to develop in MDI.

Leong Wei Hong

Senior Engineer


After graduating from university, Leong Wei Hong joined MDI as Assistant Engineer. Currently, as Senior Engineer, he is in charge not just of handling machines, but also of personnel development.

Leong Wei Hong: I hope to be a leader who can provide value to my coworkers. I think that always raising employees' motivation, setting a vision that draws out motivation, and being able to work in a friendly work environment will enable us to achieve the goal.

Siti Aminah Binti Abd Jalil

QA/QC Leader


She is responsible for assuring product quality in accordance with customer requirements, which is quite difficult. However, through support from her superior, the work progresses more smoothly.

Siti Aminah: Because I have had comprehensive training and development opportunities, it has helped me a lot to manage the work. The management ensures that every employee gets the appropriate training and development opportunities before being assigned to a workplace. It's beneficial for the development of you as an individual.

Silawati Binti Marji

Production Operator


Since joining MDI in 1999, Silawati has seen many positive changes. Behind those changes was a management team that always showed understanding and support for the employees.

Silawati: I have been working for this company for a long time because the working hours are flexible and the site and the management have a good cooperative relationship. I have seen many good changes in MDI. I am proud of being a member of MDI.

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