About us

We, Dai-ichi Seiko Group, who are proceeding with businesses specializing in precision technology based on the mold tooling technology carried over from the time of foundation as a core competence are continuing the creation of new value through challenging to manufacturing of products, which had been regarded as difficult items to develop and manufacture, pursuing the added value by means of the most advanced technologies.
To concentrate in the untiring research and development aiming to the technologies to be demanded by era and to be evaluated by world people for the better future is the mission of our group.

  • Message from President
    Greetings and message from President, TSUCHIYAMA Takaharu.
  • Corporate Motto & Management Principle
    We introduce here our motto and management principle.
  • Corporate Overview
    Overview of our group such as address of headquarters, plants' location and etc. are available.
  • History
    Our chronology about corporate activity, main topics and etc. are available.
  • Network
    Lists of our group are available.
  • CSR
    In order to gain confidence from any of stakeholders, we proceed with fair and faithful business activity.