Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Each Dai-ichi Seiko Group company in Japan has been striving to be a pollution-free company since its foundation in 1963. We are continuously proceeding with environmental preservation activities for further contribution to the community aiming to be "friendly corporation for people" and "a community-based corporation" under our theme "friendly to people and earth".

Basic Policy

In order to reduce environmental burdens on all of activities, products and services related to designing, manufacturing and sales of electrical & electronics components, automotive components, other precision molded components and manufacturing equipment, we will work on continuous improvement i.e., mainly reduction of environmental burdens and promotion of effective activity for environmental preservation under the following basic policy.

  • 1. We promote Eco-Friendly Activities to prevent our community from environmental pollution.
  • 2. We observe laws, regulations and other requirements related to environmental preservation.
  • 3. We set up and execute purposes and targets in which several conditions about business activities are reflected and we structure a framework to review them periodically.
  • 4. For the purposes of execution of environmental preservation and its continuous improvement, we conduct periodical audit and strive to improve and enhance environmental management system.
  • 5. We structure management system for environmentally hazardous substances, and work on to improve it continuously.
  • 6. We document our Environmental Policy, and disclose the documented one to public and all of our group members.

Revised on January 26, 2018

TAGOMORI Yasutoshi
ISO14001 Top Management
Senior Vice President & General Manager
Finance and Admin. Group