Message from President

Grasping the era and beyond. We take on challenges by tapping into our vast imagination.

Since Dai-ichi Seiko was founded in 1963, we have progressed relentlessly as an expert in manufacturing. By pursuing excellence and taking on unprecedented challenges, our potential continues to grow amidst the vigorous advancement of technological innovation. This unwavering spirit is an asset that is continuously showcased in our daily work and resonates with every employee in Dai-ichi Seiko.
As a manufacturer of super precision components, Dai-ichi Seiko has developed a vertically-integrated production system, from design to mass production, in order to respond to a wide range of needs. By proactively pressing forward with the planning and development of our own products--appealing to customers, both present and future--we possess various skills and vast resources to continue making leaps forward as a business entity.
I firmly believe that our company can always provide value and make our presence felt by our customers by continuing to invest in technological developments for the next generation and proposing technology that is globally recognized.
The Dai-ichi Seiko Group will maintain our creative mind for future innovations by working collaboratively as a whole. By honing this competitive edge, we will go on to produce results and make contributions that will benefit our stakeholders and members of the wider community.

Tsuchiyama Takaharu

Manufacturing Philosophy

Perfection in PRECISION

"Perfection in PRECISION" That is, make the hundreds of thousands, millions of precision products that are produced ever day well, according to the strictest standards, and so achieve stable, high quality for each and every one.
Being able to guarantee the quality of the products created depends entirely on how refined the process of their creation is. In order to be able to create products which are always better, we make the parts which form the core of the production process with our own hands. That is Dai-ichi Seiko's approach and policy when it comes to manufacturing.