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The industry's first ultra-low profile antenna connector equipped with a "slide lock mechanism" has been developed - Achievement of outstanding vibration and shock resistant properties

Dai-ichi Seiko Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture; President: Hideki, Konishi; 1st Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Code: 6640) has developed "MHF® I LK," a new product from the MHF Series of ultra-low profile antenna connectors ("RF connectors") distributed through the connector-related business brand "I-PEX Connectors." The new product achieves outstanding vibration and shock resistant properties, thanks to industry's first* slide lock mechanism.

* Based on research by our company as of September 2017

I-PEX Connectors MHF® I LK


Name of the new product

"MHF® I LK" ultra-low profile antenna connector

Background to the development of the new product

There has been active movement to equip industrial machines and automobiles with functionality as ICT terminals, as seen for example in IoT and connected cars. While on the one hand demand for connectors for wireless communication is expected to increase, they will be required to even higher reliability than before.

To date, we have contributed to advancing the performance of information communication devices through the development and distribution of the RF connector "MHF® Series." Amid circumstances such as these, we have successfully developed the RF connector "MHF® I LK," which is equipped with outstanding vibration and shock resistant properties thanks to its slide lock mechanism.

Overview of the new product


This is the industry's first RF connector equipped with a slide lock mechanism, as a solution to problems involving the mating loose in applications where the connector is exposed to strong shocks or vibration.
As a result of adopting the slide lock mechanism, there will be no need to fix connectors in place with adhesive as had been carried out in some applications. This product is particularly ideal for applications where the connector is exposed to strong shocks and vibration, such as in automobiles, airplanes and drones.

  • Achieves a mating retention force of 20 N when locked by means of the slide lock mechanism
  • Supports new transmission standards for Wi-Fi®, 4G LTE, Bluetooth®, GPS, M2M, IoT, SigFox, WiSUN, NB-IoT, LoRa®, etc.
  • Can be used with a variety of cable sizes and lengths

"MHF® I LK" product standards

Product name:
MHF® I LK (MHF® I plug harness with mechanical lock)
Mating type:
Right angle vertical mating type
Mating height:
2.9 mm max.
4.0 mm (PCB pattern size)
4.2 mm (PCB pattern size)
DC to 3 GHz = 1.3 max., 3 to 6 GHz = 1.5 max.
Supported cable:
  • AWG #30 (1.80 mm O.D.)
  • AWG #30 (1.37 mm O.D.)
  • AWG #32 (1.32 mm O.D.)
  • AWG #32 (1.13 mm O.D.)
  • AWG #36 (0.81 mm O.D.)
MHF I & II Receptacle (P/N 20279-001E-** or 20441-001E-01)
Mating retention force when locked:
20 N min. (When mated for the first time)