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ISH connector


ISH connector (Note 1) is a small-size SMT connector which realizes excellent contact reliability due to a high-strength spring material fitted into the female terminal.
In conventional female terminals, the initial contact load is lowered due to continuous usage in a high-temperature (125°C) environment. ISH connectors have been developed to avoid contact load normally generated and to exert excellent performance even in an environment with high temperature or vibration by fitting a built-in spring material made of different material from the main body of the female terminal.
With its feature of high resistance against high temperature and vibration, the connector can serve for a wide variety of usage such as in head lights, inverters, DC-DC converters, etc.

Note 1: I-PEX Automotive Surface Mount Technology Heavy Duty Connector

Major features

  • - Excellent connection stability in an environment with high temperature (maximum operating temperature: 125°C) or vibration.
  • - Avoid lowering of contact load generated at conventional female terminals in 125°C environment.
  • - Excellent contact reliability due to two-part structure (terminal box: brass, spring: copper alloy) of the female terminal (see diagram below).
  • - Small-size and low profile, allowing efficient use of the board area.
  • the female terminal

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