Automotive Components

It may be no exaggeration to say that nowadays automobile is an aggregate of electronic device. Sensors with high sensitivity come to the indispensable and essential items for many types of automobiles not only from the standpoints of fuel efficiency and reduction of gas emission considering about environmental protection, but also in order to keep the high performance for safe and comfortable driving even under the harsh conditions. Plus, various types of electronic devices such as connector are used for automobiles as well as the general electrical appliances.
At our Automotive Components Business, we are providing the various types of products like sensors with high sensitivity, connectors and fuel pump units and etc utilizing the technologies and knowledge as for high precision mold.

At this business too, we have the vertical integrated manufacturing system consisting of designing and fabricating of mold and automated assembling machines, pressing and plating of metal terminals and assembling the molded plastic parts with metal parts, and we are stably providing the quality products from U.S.A. or other Southeast Asian countries as well as Japan.

Automotive Connector Series

ISH Connector
(I-PEX Automotive Surface Mount Technology Heavy Duty Connector)

Thinner micro SMT connector using 0.5 terminal which is strong against heat and vibration.
This connector provides superior connection reliability for inverters, LED lights, CCD camera modules and etc.

Combined PCB Connector

Combined type of PCB connectors based on USCAR/EWCAP standards.
We provide custom connectors which comply with customers' various needs such as improvement of mounting method on substrate, contribution to local procurement and so on.

New Press-Fit Terminal "ISFIT"

New Press-Fit Terminal

ISFIT is an automotive press-fit terminal which has been newly developed by Dai-ichi Seiko.
Through the adoption of a four-point contact (multi-contact spring) with a spring structure for the terminal, excellent spring properties are maintained, fitting using a low mating force (about 1/4 of the force needed to fit general needle-eye type terminals) is made possible, and damage to the substrate and abrasion of the through-hole is reduced. The terminal has achieved outstanding contact reliability in which a contact state with no misalignment at the substrate hole is maintained over a long period of time. Furthermore, solderless connection makes it possible to reduce the man-hours for assembly, inspection, etc.

* ISFIT is a technology that is currently under development. The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Comparison of the mating force when fitting
Comparison of the position of the substrate hole

Automotive Parts Series

Insert Molded Parts(Sensors)

These are engine sensors. We are providing the products with stable and high quality and competitive cost on time by means of differentation due to a particular molding technology "insert mold" which enables to mold metal parts and IC chip in one shot due to a unique molding machine we developed.
The sensors which detect and measure the revolution speed, pressure, accelerated velocity, current value and etc related to engine can be said "eco parts" of which expansion is very much expected with the growing of concerns about environmental issues.

Automotive Parts(Control Unit)

For automobiles, plenty of electric parts are used for open and shut of window or rearview mirror and other purposes. Since automobiles need to run carrying driver or passenger, high safety and durability are required. Our connectors and control units succeed in passing the tough examination as the parts and components which can maintain the stable performance and function for long time even under the harsh conditions.


Small size IC Cases, in which strict dimension accuracy is required, are collectively molded with lead frames with high functional resin, LCP or PPS by insert molding machine developed in house basing on the accumulated our own technologies.

Smart Entry Key

Epoch-making products we realized due to concentration of our technologies related to mass-production and packaging of semiconductors.
Owing to its excellent portability, the number of automobile types using our Smart Entry Keys is being expanded.

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