Mold & Mfg. Equipment

In this business field, we are mainly engaged in manufacturing and distributing of semiconductor manufacturing equipment under DAI-ICHI SEIKO brand, which protects and covers the wired IC chips by particular compound (resin), and high precision molds to be used for the equipment. Since a new model, VIOSIS launched in 2008 can drastically save the compound, it is getting strong interest from the related industries as an environmental protection model contributing to reduction of industrial wastes. We are going to work on developing market needs and R&D further more.

Full Automatic Semiconductor Molding Machine

  • For mass-production

    GP-PRO SP170

  • Environmental Protection Model


    Next generation model, with a unique clamping system,enables drastically to save the industrial wastes.

  • LED Molding Equipment

    VIOSIS for LED molding

    Molded LED samples

Manual / Semi-auto Molding Machine

Good for production with small lot in short delivery time

Taping and Detaping Machine for MAP QFN

Taping machine for the particular packagings like MAP QFN

Detaping(peel-off) machine

Mold for IC Packaging

Applicable for the most advanced packages

Light Guide Plate processing equipment (For LED LGP processing)

  • Clear Shaving Machine


    Mirror surface processing for an entrance of LED LGP (Light Guide Plate) in perts per thousand.

  • Finest Heat Cut Machine


    Gate cut for LED LGP (Light Guide Plate).
    Yield up by no dust cutting process.

Peripheral Device for Injection Molding

Gate Cut Robot GC6-415HV

The robot receives molded products with gate from auto-loader unit on mold press.
It cuts gate and sorts products and gate.

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