What's molding process ?

Molding Process(in case of BGA)

*BGA:Ball Grid Array, a kind of IC packages

Cutaway view of mold

  • Put the wired silicon chips with the integrated circuits on a mold, and the load a particular epoxy compound a pot.

  • After closing top and bottom mold with several tens of clamping tonnage, a transfer unit pushes compound up and the compound flows into molding areas melting down by mold temperature(approx. 180 degrees C).

  • The compound comes into the molding areas slowly not to bend the thin wires and not to have voids, and then keep the top & bottom molds closing until the compound has been cured.

    *The epoxy compound has a particular property, and it never be melt down even by high temperature once it is cured.

  • After opening of top & bottom molds, the molded products are taken out, the mold surface is automatically cleaned, and every molding process completes.

to the finished products(semiconductor chips)

Cut off the finished products from runner, and at the subsequent processes, put metal balls for mounting onto its back side finally trim the chips one by one as the completed semiconductor chip.(Our molding machine is in charge of operations from molding and cutting the chips from runner.)

The completed semiconductor chips manufactured by our machine have a lot of applications, such as PC, digital cameras, home-use game consoles and other electronic devices.