Semiconductor Technological Topic

PPG Technology

Pin Point Gate Molding
Pin Point Gate is a particular technology which is required not only for solution relating to fine pitch wire, but also further growth of high-density frame.

HFC Technology

Hydraulic Floating Cavity Bar
For the BGA Packaging, the compensation of substrate thickness variation is the bottleneck in mold quality. HFC technology is the top of the ultimate solution for this difficulty besides the spring technology and wedge type.

LED Molding Technology

LED Molding chase for liquid silicon
For silicon molding to be used LED, particular technologies, which enable void-less, flash-less, superior molding continuity and so on, are required. We provide molds for silicon molding together with molding equipment.

MPH Technology

Moving Pre-heater Unit
MPH unit will ensure the proper temperature of the substrate before placed on the mold by waiting just behind of the mold set. MPH will move with unloader to serve for each mold.

4SPC Technology

4 Strips per chase Molding
When you need to convert from conventional press to Auto molding system, you can still use the current leadframe for mass production by placing 4 strips on one chase (L/F max size : 31mm x 270mm)

HDLF Technology

High Density Leadframe Molding
A trend of high-density frame is getting higher, and market demand for the larger frame is being expanded further. Our SP Series are available for 80ton, 120ton and 170ton, and the maximum frame size is up to 110mm x 300mm.

VAM Technology

Vacuum Assisted Molding
For the stack die type of package, it is necessary to vacuum the cavity for complete compound transfer in order to prevent the internal void and incomplete fill. VAM is the solution for this new requirement.

FAM Technology

Film Assisted Molding
For the variety of IC packaging purpose, FAM technology will be the most reliable and ultimate method for future encapsulation trend Exposed Die Package and ceramic substrate package. Future demand for transparent compound.

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