Precision Components

Basing on technologies for precision mold processing and mass-production, in OEM basis we are engaged in manufacturing of components related to Hard Disk Drive(HDD) System to be used for personal computers, DVD, car navigation system and etc. as their memory devices, water meter, LCD panel frame and etc. In this business field too, high quality level is being maintained because of the vertical integrated manufacturing system consisting of the automated assembling machines having function which automatically detects quality and completeness of products by diagnostic imaging system, ultra precision module mold and other equipment.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) System Parts

The market demands for HDD as the memory device for PC, DVD, car navigation system and etc. are getting higher more and more. Owing to its reliability, the degree of contribution of our products to HDD system, for which increase of memory capacity and downsizing are required further, must be much higher.

Water Meter

Since water meter needs waterproofing and dust resistance for long time under the harsh conditions, the stable performance is required.

LCD Panel Frame

For LCD panel frames used a lot for home-use game consoles and mobile phones, the sophisticated dimensional control and molding technologies are required.

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